Amazing 3D Tattoos

#1 The Mayan

There must be deep meaning and symbolism going on in this design, and the artwork is beyond words! I wonder how sick he gets of people a656bea28ab65c66f118c427fe44e8584.600x


#2 Anatomically Correct?

According to this guy’s impressive side-piece, human beings are filled with psychedelic galactic landscapes. Perhaps he is just filled with LSD?



#3 HypnoChest

Don’t stare too long into HypnoChest’s torso or you may end up in another timezone dimension. Excellent use of the nipples here. This guy most love pain.



#4 The Leap

The detail and shading on this piece are amazing. I didn’t know tattoo ink could produce so many different shading gradients. This guy must have been under the needle for at least 24 hours. Was it worth it?



#5 Kuato Lives

This woman has a beast lurking inside her. If the creature in the darkness weren’t disturbing enough, the gory anatomical details in this tattoo really add to the gross-out factor. I hope she’s got a rear-view of the creature.5f9084ffd23fd5bd3835e4e1ac4f6ce7.600x





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