fail: broner runs into a parked car on his scooter rental

Adrien Broner was in the  streets of  Miami riding his scooter when he crash it to a parked car… “Mr. Can Man” was chilling with friends in South Beach when things went horribly wrong.

From the minute he got on the scooter, he was having problems keeping it steady. Broner “The problem” was definitely was having problems staying on the scooter, it was just a total disaster from the beginning.

The good news is Broner was unharmed, can’t say the same about the car and scooter.

You gotta see it!


mayweather made it rain $100,000 in a miami stripclub

The forecast in miami didn’t see this storm coming. Mayweather show up to the strip clubin to celebrate DJ Irie’s birthday with a backpack with $100k.


Go watch the video via TMZ



The headphone giant has been banned from the pitch at this year’s World Cup for licensing reasons.

Players from all 32 of the teams competing in this year’s Cup will have to take their Beats headphones off when they’re in World Cup stadiums for official matches and media events, due to FIFA’s licensing agreement with rival brand Sony.

Sony is being restrictive with enforcing this licensing agreement, but you have to admit seeing some of the world’s greatest soccer players in a pair of Beats headphones made you want to sport a pair yourself.

Check out the Beats by Dre ad below.