WTF is wrong with Miley: chick is losing it!


Miley Cyrus most be really really #boredasfuckwithnothingtodo Since her Bangerz tour ended. In a one day span she had posted more than 40 photos and videos on her Instagram.

She must of been bored as fuck to put up so much shit in 24 hours.

Instagram: @mileycyrus

wtf! man walks in mcdonalds with a knife in his back!

This guy was stabbed in his back during a fight with two other men he was tryinyg to breakup at around 10 a.m. Tuesday on Sutphin Boulevard in Queens, New York, he managed to walk a block to the fast food restaurant.

People in Mickie D’s were in shock to see this guy walk in calmly on his phone with a kitchen knife launch in his back!

Calmly walks in McDonald's

Calmly walking in McDonald’s